Looking for that perfect gift for that special women in your life. Whether it's your mother, wife, sister or girlfriend we understand the struggle of finding a gift for someone who has everything. Finding that perfect gift for her can be a difficult process that's why the team at Venn Gifts want to take that stress off your hands by offering a range of carefully curated gift boxes full of unique gifts for her that she is guaranteed to love. Our gift boxes are the perfect solution for any occasion covering everything from birthdays to anniversaries to housewarming gifts.

Our top selling Gentlewomen Box is full of indulgent treats and gifts for her that will leave your special women feeling pampered and loved. Spread the fresh aroma of Living Light’s Pinot Noir candle and diffuser while snacking on the delicious range of treats including a gourmet block of kiwi favourite Whittaker's chocolate and a box of Molly Woppy lemon bites.

Don’t waste your money on a piece of jewelry she will wear once and leave sitting on the shelf for the rest of the year or even worse exchange for something. Our gift boxes are the perfect gifting solution offering a variety of gifts for her that she can get stuck into straight away.

We all know the way to every girls heart is through chocolate and wine and we can assure you that we offer a wide selection of gift boxes that include both of these products.

Gift boxes are the best gifting solution for those leading women in your life for many reasons. Girls are picky, they have an endless list of specific things they need that will often exceed your budget. A giftbox is a versatile option and she is bound to find something in it that she loves. These can cover any occasion for all those last minute gift purchases.

Our gift boxes also offer a variety of gifts for her not just a single product. When receiving one you feel as though you are getting more than one gift with the wide selection of delicious snacks, premium body wash and luxurious diffuser and candles sets. These are all practical gifts that she will find great use in almost instantly.

One of the major benefits of purchasing a gift box is the amount of time its saves you. Searching for a gift for that special someone can result in hours of circling aimlessly in the mall still to find nothing you are completely satisfied with. With a gift box the process is quick and easy and it doesn’t even require you having to leave the house.

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