Man, it can be hard to find the right gifts for men, especially for us girls who are struggling to find the perfect gift for our son, brother, father or partner. We have all been through the long Google searches for suggestions on the top gifts for men, the secret interrogation work to his friends and family to find out what he likes, or just giving up and bluntly asking him what he wants which ruins the surprise. So what do guys like?

Traditionally, men are known to be masculine and tough. This automatically puts them under the categories of technology, sports and cars when it comes to hobbies and interests. However, now as a society, we’ve evolved our thinking and moved on from these stereotypes. Men nowadays are encouraged to be more open about their feelings and sexual orientation. Just like women, not all men are the same. So what is the perfect gift? Let’s think outside the box. Ever tried gift boxes? As customising and personalising gifts become more popular, there are many businesses out there that provide these services. So what makes gift boxes the perfect gifts for men? Here’s a couple of reasons.

You Just Met

Gift boxes are not always expensive. For example, Venngifts offers services in customised gift boxes that contain quality but affordable food and beverage products. It is the perfect gift for the man you just met as it is not going to cost you an arm and a leg, and you don’t have to wrack your brain trying to figure out what he likes. Besides, who doesn't like food and drinks? There are a few different options all packed into one stylish and sleek looking box, you can’t go wrong that.

Quality Time

Food and beverage gift boxes are also perfect for two! You can go on a romantic picnic together to celebrate your anniversary or his birthday, or you could stay the night in and still enjoy a great movie with the perfect box of quality food and wine. Spending quality time together is a gift that will never go wrong, our gift boxes enhance this and are designed to suit everyone on different occasions.

An Appreciation Gift

Sometimes you just want to show how much you appreciate the man in your life without having to spend too much. A gift box would be perfect for that! Surprise your father, brother, boyfriend or best friend, no matter where they are in the world as Venngifts offer delivery services.

All In One

All Venngifts products include some of New Zealand’s finest brands. We select only the very best products to include in our packages so that your man receives only the finest products New Zealand has to offer. For example, our ‘The Wanderer’ package offers a selection of the Kiwi classics that is perfect care package for your brother, friend or child living abroad.

We have curated gift boxes that are suited for him on every occasion. To view our different gift box selections visit our online store.

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