Have you got a loved one living abroad struggling with that feeling of nostalgia. Venn Gifts has the perfect solution to this issue with their carefully curated range of gift boxes full of kiwiana gifts they will truly appreciate.

Travelling can definitely take its toll on someone and will leave them thinking there's no place like home. Whether they have permanently moved abroad or are living it up on a gap year there are going to be times when they miss the small things about home.

Our Wander Gift box is full of all the kiwiana gifts you could ask for. This box will have your loved one tasting the comfort of home from the other side of the world including the kiwi favourite Pineapple Lumps and the iconic Whittakers chocolate bar. A kiwi summer will be in sips reach with the taste of L&P and of course the traditional kiwi onion dip.

Breakfasts will become every kiwis dream with their favourite spread, Marmite. Or if a chunky texture is more your thing indulge in a jar of Pics Peanut Butter. A combination of all these kiwiana gifts are enough to eliminate that home sick feeling and let your loved one continue on their travels knowing the comforts of home are now so easily reachable.

Expect double the order requests after they’ve shared with their international friends all the kiwiana gifts our premium gift boxes have to offer. Gift boxes are the best way to attain those small comforts of home from the other side of the world with a selection of small snacks and kiwiana gifts that a phone call can not fulfill.

Gift boxes are a convenient cost effective solution to help someone overcome that home sick feeling. Purchasing a plane ticket every time a loved one was missing home would soon stack up to become a small fortune and having to relive those goodbyes again will bring them back to square one.

To browse our premium selection of gift boxes filled with irresistible snacks and kiwiana gifts click the link below and surprise your loved one from the other side of the world.

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